Baby Meg

Little Meg has the coolest parents, they’re house if full of color and sweet laughter from little Peter…Meg was the perfect addition to this sweet family.

Baby Meg

Fellow Photographer!

I’ve known this cute little family since before her eldest was born and her girls are too sweet! D is a fellow photographer, I get nervous photographing a fellow photographer. I guess I’m just nervous and want to give them what they are expecting! This was my favorite shot, it’s too sweet and shows their fun family!


H Family

H family, your kids are AWESOME! A little on the crazy side but oh so much fun, love visiting with you and miss you tons!H Family

Laundromat Fun {maternity}

This was by far the best maternity session to date! I had this crazy idea to try out a laundromat and I’m so glad this gorgeous couple was all in…these are some really fun images!H Maternity

Bria is 4!

Miss Bria-boo is 4 and wow has the time flown by so fast! I remember holding you forever in the hospital when you were born, you have the sweetest spirit a child could possess, lovely! Happy birthday sweet girl.Bria

BK Family

There’s something fun about taking portraits for friends, and it’s even better when they’ve been your friend for over 12 years! We used to work at Wendy’s together, yes the fast food restaurant…and we were the best drive thru crew out there! I love her sweet family, these girls are too precious.IMG_7982

M Family | Adoption Story

I have a large family and it’s one of the ‘Yours, Mine, & Ours’ type of families I love all my brothers! One of my younger brothers married last summer and gained a stepson, today they made it official and he became his legal father! They asked me to join them in documenting the court appearance, after a few tears little J is part of our family…officially. My brother loves him as his own and they are an inspiration to many. Love you guys!